Prince Harry Sets First Public Appearance Since 'Spare' Release, But It'll Cost a Lot to See Him

Prince Harry is set to make his first public appearance since releasing his memoir, Spare, in January. Although, if you want to see him in person, you'll have to cough up a pretty penny... and you'll also have to be a CEO. According to Forbes, Harry will be a guest speaker at the Uplift conference in San Francisco in March. 

The two-day conference will be held on March 7-8. Unfortunately, this event isn't open to the public. On the official website for Uplift, they state that it is an invite-only conference for senior leaders and executives. If you fulfill that requirement, you can purchase a ticket for $950. Virtual tickets will be free for those who join the event on March 7. As of right now, it's unclear exactly what Harry will be discussing during his appearance at the event. Additionally, it's unclear whether he will be the keynote speaker.

A description for the topic to be discussed reads, "A special guest shares their unique story of discovering the power of their own human potential and how that impact rippled outward. Learn the practices that helped them overcome challenges, build mental fitness and perform at their best, time after time." Forbes noted that there hasn't been any word on whether his wife, Meghan Markle, will attend the conference with him. The publication spoke with one executive about the conference, and they shared whether they were interested in hearing what the Duke of Sussex has to say. 

"I wouldn't spend that amount of money to meet Prince Harry when I can pick up his book," Paulina Velasco, a PR executive in Los Angeles, said. "I understand there will be other people who I could potentially network with at those events. However, meer curiosity conflicts with my bottom line." BetterUp, which is putting on the conference, is described as coaching for elite business performance. Harry is the Chief Impact Officer at the organization. In December 2021, he wrote about his work with BetterUp and shared some of his goals for the company, per PEOPLE.

"Social impact is not some buzzword, secondary goal or silo at the edges of our business — it's intrinsic to the work we do here at BetterUp," Harry wrote in a blog post. "Our success as an organization is deeply dependent on the positive social change we can make in this world." He went on to stress the importance of "training for mental fitness" just as much as you would for your physical well-being and noted that "having a support structure around you [is] critical to finding your own version of peak performance. The effects on the individual and the community around them are profound."