Prince Harry Reportedly Snubbed a Few Important Royals While in UK Honoring Prince Philip

Prince Harry unfortunately missed a few important family members on his recent trip to the U.K. [...]

Prince Harry unfortunately missed a few important family members on his recent trip to the U.K. for Prince Philip's funeral. Us Weekly reports exclusively from an inside source close to the royal family that while Harry made it to see his brother Prince William, he didn't make it to see his nieces and nephews. "Harry didn't get to see [Prince] George, [Princess] Charlotte and [Prince] Louis in the U.K.," the insider says. Prince William's children, whom he shared with Duchess Kate Middleton, are ages 7, 5, and 3, respectively. "Aside from the day of Philip's funeral (which George, Charlotte and Louis didn't attend) and meeting privately with the queen, he was in isolation at Frogmore [Cottage]," the source added.

It was previously determined that Meghan Markle wouldn't be making the trip with her husband after she was ordered by her doctor to stay at home. The Duchess of Sussex is currently pregnant with the couple's second child and was deemed "too far along to fly and it's recommended she rest in the final months." Prince Harry was left to sit in the funeral service (which was held in St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle) without his wife and son Archie.

Though, that doesn't seem to have affected the brothers' reunion. There was some heavily reported tension between the two brothers following Prince Harry's explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey, in which he and Meghan Markle alleged that there was some racist speculation concerning Markle's first pregnancy with Archie. However, the two reportedly decided to put their issues aside for their grandfather's funeral. Body language expert Elaine Swann told Us that the two had visibly less tension between them. "I believe there was some sort of connection and conversation or something beforehand — that was not the first time those two brothers had a conversation with one another," Swann said on Monday, April 19. "I cannot imagine those two brothers starting in that line and that [funeral] procession — going through what they went through as brothers and being as thick as thieves as they said before — and not speaking to one another until after the service."

Even though Markle and baby Archie couldn't be there in person, she reportedly sent along a personalized note and a wreath of flowers for the funeral. She also watched the service from her U.S. home. Prince Harry returned to their home in Montecito, California, on Tuesday, April 20. "Harry couldn't wait to return to his heavily pregnant wife and Archie," an insider told the outlet. "[He] is happy to be back in Montecito."