Post Malone's Jet Landing Emergency Was Caused by Blown Tires, FAA Says

Post Malone's plane made a terrifying emergency landing last summer, and after months of investigation, the FAA has finally revealed why.

Last August, fans were terrified when Post Malone's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing. The aircraft circled over an airport in New York, not far from where it took off and came back down, thankfully without injuries. Now, TMZ has obtained the official incident report from the Federal Aviation Administration, revealing that a tire had blown on Malone's landing gear, forcing the landing.

The plane left Teterboro Airport in New Jersey early in the morning. It was bound for London, England, and carried Malone as well as his sizable entourage. According to officials, that is exactly why it had to land -- the plane was carrying too many people for its size.

Pilots were alerted that one of the doors on the aircraft had not closed properly shortly after takeoff. They decided that they would have to land to assess the damage, but their second takeoff went even worse. Somehow, two of the tires on the left side of the plane exploded as it left the ground, and the pilots had to land to repairs before jetting off across the Atlantic.

The plane circled over New York City and the surrounding area for hours, attempting to burn off fuel. Finally, it landed safely, but for a time Malone's safety was in question. The terrifying incident had a lasting impact on the rapper, who was horrified to see some scathing comments about him on Twitter even as he faced possible death.

"I landed guys," he tweeted at the time. "Thank you for your prayers. Can't believe how many people wished death on me on this website. F— you. But not today."

(Photo: Twitter @PostMalone)

The FAA's extensive investigation also found that Malone's plane was overdue for a maintenance check by about 50 hours. It also noted that the craft had been loaded well beyond its weight capacity, between the 12 passengers, 2 pilots, the flight attendant and Malone's huge haul of baggage.

When the rapper got off the plane he was greeted by TMZ reporters, giving his first frazzled reaction to the landing. Unsurprisingly, he took it in stride, giving a good-natured response ot their questions about what he would do next.

"Oh my God, I hate flying in general and ... I don't even know what to say, man," he said. "I'm shook."

Malone praised the pilots and the other air travel officials involved for ensuring that the incident turned out safely. With his feet back on solid ground, he only had one thing on his mind: drinks.


"Hell yeah, there's one hell of a team on that aircraft," he said. "We're here. We're here on earth and I need a beer, and I need ... some wine, at the same time, mixed together."