Pink and Oprah Share a Laugh at Ellen DeGeneres' Birthday Party in New Photo

Ellen DeGeneres' birthday party on Saturday brought together some of the biggest stars in the world, including Oprah and Pink, who were captured in one of the best candid photos of 2018 so far.

"Thanks [Ellen DeGeneres] [Oprah] for this moment," Pink wrote on Instagram, with a heart emoji for emphasis. "What a fantastic night."

The two women are pictured together laughing joyously in a blacklit room at the big event. Pink clutches a glass of wine and looks toward the talk show icon, while Oprah grips the pop star to steady herself and grins at the camera.

DeGeneres posted the same photo herself, tweeting, "Two of my favorite people. Thank you for being there, @Oprah @Pink. I love you both."

The big birthday bash brought together some of the biggest names in Hollywood, music, and general famousness. Ellen DeGeneres turned 60 years old on Jan. 26. The comedian has had her talk show on the air for fifteen years now, and it remains a beloved stop for light-hearted exchanges with influential people.

On Tuesday, DeGeneres joked about the big party on her show, calling Oprah out in the process. She called the audience's attention to a news story about an encroaching worldwide shortage of tequila, published in The New York Post. DeGeneres confessed that her birthday bash might be responsible for the crisis.


"I was thinking, 'how is this my life?'" DeGeneres said of her party. "I mean, all of my idols were in one room, and they were there for me — and the open bar — and I had so much fun."

"I came into work on Monday and I saw [the headline]," she continued, "and I thought, 'oops, I think I'm responsible for that. I think that's my fault.' I don't want to blame anyone in particular, but I saw someone sitting at the bar drinking all night long. I'll just give her first name, Oprah. Yeah, you can figure out which Oprah it was."