Pink Says She's 'Failing Beautifully' in Instagram Post About Her Daughter

Singer and songwriter, Pink is an appreciated voice when it comes to unabashed parenting. Known to be extremely candid when it comes to sharing aspects of her life with fans and followers, whether it's about relationships or well-being, the 37-year-old mother of two recently took to Instagram to share one of her more popular parenting methods.

Sharing an image of her staring into the camera as her daughter, Willow Sage rides a bike, the sweet 6-year-old is engaging in playful activity like every other child, while her mother watches on. But it's evident from her caption that Pink's parenting does not go without criticism from mommy shamers online.

"Yeah my kid rides her bike inside," she captioned. "Without clothes. And helmets. While I ignore her and look at my phone."

Pink added the hashtag, "failing beautifully" as a means to share her method might not be one other mothers care to live by.

However, while mommy shamers would be quick to judge and comment, many were in support of Pink's method, saying she was doing a great job with her daughter.

Once user commented that Pink was "mum goals," while another touted that they "loved the honesty" and how Willow's actions were the "modern version of go outside and play." Another wrote, "Wow. You must get your fill from crazy mother followers and their opinions."

While mommy shamers were steered away by the positive vibes sent the songstress' way, one user commented, "They'll judge you even if she did have those things. Just be you!! Love you for it."

Mothers from around the globe praised her, with one commenting, "Whatever it takes to get through the day. Mine used to ride their scooters inside. You're doing a great job, mamma!"


We definitely agree.

Photo credit: Twitter / @usweekly