Petition: Delete Logan Paul's YouTube Channel

After he posted an insensitive video showing the body of a suicide victim, many are demanding consequences for YouTube star Logan Paul.

A petition on has gathered over 70,000 signatures to be sent to YouTube, asking them to deactivate Paul's channel. The petition is in direct response to Paul's recent vlog post made in Japan.

The social media sensation and his friends ventured into the Aokigahara Forest, also known as the "suicide forest." It's a place where many local people have gone to take their own lives. Paul went into an off-limits area of the woods knowing what he might find, filmed the entire experience — including graphic shots of the body — and later even seemed to joke about it in his video.

People were outraged, particularly because Paul's fan base consists largely of younger teens. Paul's first apology didn't do him any favors either, as it was self-congratulatory and barely mentioned the victim whose image he had exploited.

The outrage hasn't let up, as the anonymous petition has exceeded its goal by a long shot. The writer expresses hope that YouTube will flat out delete Paul's channel and all of his videos.

"It's not about YOU, Logan Paul," the petition reads. "A man who had family and friends chose to end his life, and you chose to share his death to your millions of followers without thinking about how his family/friends felt? It's disgusting and shouldn't be tolerated."

"With the power of the internet I think we can get rid of this scumbag once and for all, with your help of signing this petition it could lead to deleting his entire channel!" the writer continued.

Other petitions with similar goals have popped up on, though none with so many signatures. Paul hasn't commented on his situation since his second apology, which was made on video and came across a bit more humble.


YouTube, for their part, gave a statement yesterday.

"Our hearts go out to the family of the person featured in the video," it reads. "YouTube prohibits violent or gory content posted in a shocking, sensational or disrespectful manner. If a video is graphic, it can only remain on the site when supported by appropriate educational or documentary information and in some cases it will be age-gated. We partner with safety groups such as the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline to provide educational resources that are incorporated in our YouTube Safety Center."