Pete Davidson Makes Kanye West Jokes in Stand-up Routine

Pete Davidson is taking his drama with Kanye West to the stage. The Saturday Night Live star performed on stage for the first time in three years Thursday on the sold-out first night of Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival at the Hollywood Bowl. The comedian didn't hesitate to mention girlfriend Kim Kardashian's ex, Kanye West, making jokes about the rapper's vendetta against him online when he first started dating The Kardashians star.

Davidson began his set with jokes about West saying that Davidson had AIDs, as per Entertainment Tonight, saying that he believed the rapper because the "Good Morning" artist is a genius. He continued on about how odd it was to be humiliated publicly when you're not able to do anything about it. After news broke late last year that Davidson and Kardashian were dating following her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live, West went on a number of rants online about the Staten Island native, calling him "Skete" and killing what seemed to be a stand-in for the comedian in his music video for "Eazy."

Davidson joked that looking back at a basketball game he attended in December 2021 with Chris Rock and Jon Stewart, that was the "before time ... before life was over," making a reference to Rock being slapped by Will Smith at the 2022 Academy Awards. When it came to friend Jack Harlow collaborating with West in the aftermath of their drama, Davidson said there are no hard feelings. However, the King of Staten Island actor joked that if his on-screen co-star Bill Burr went to West's Sunday Service, it would be a different story.


At the height of West's feud with Davidson, a source close to the Meet Cute actor told Entertainment Tonight said he was "not threatened by Kanye in any way, shape or form," and that all of the controversy was actually bringing him closer with Kardashian. "Kim and Pete have grown closer from all of this, and much more than either of them expected," the insider said in March. "Pete is so understanding and has made an extreme effort to put any of his emotions aside and just be a support system for Kim during this difficult time and transition. Pete has grown so much as an adult, man, public figure and partner through this process, even though he has unexpectedly been thrown in the middle of things, including Kanye's rants and the publicity that followed."