'NCIS' Star Pauley Perrette Tweets About Rape and 'Who We Are'

Weeks after actress Pauley Perrette revealed she was sexually assaulted in high school, she’s [...]

Weeks after actress Pauley Perrette revealed she was sexually assaulted in high school, she's back on social media to share an intense message with fans.

"In the wake of the Weinstein revelations that have prompted so many others to tell their true stories, I have been pondering so many things…" the NCIS star began in an essay posted to Twitter on Tuesday.

While Perrette shared her own story of sexual misconduct, many people have accused Hollywood heavyweights Harvey Weinstein, Roy Price and, most recently, Kevin Spacey of similar crimes.

"I have not spoken to a single female who is 'shocked' by all this news. I think a few good men are shocked, but not women," she continued. "We have all dealt with this in every profession, scenario and age since we were born. For real, not a single female has said 'WHAT?'… We are all like 'Yup.' That's how it is. Been there. And it sucks[sic]."

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Last month, the 48-year-old revealed that her virginity was taken by a high school football player who raped her at age 15. Drawing from this experience, the actress described "WHO WE ARE" in her post, referring to assault victims.

"We are not weak, clueless, stupid, fearful women. We are humans who were put in an impossible position," she wrote. "Often where we could not fight back, often where the sheer shock and hotter made us freeze. Often where our survival skills said… just get out alive."

As for the aftermath, Perrette said victims "shame ourselves the way society shames us," wondering if what they wore or where they went puts them at fault. Instead, she slams that claim and places the blame entirely on the perpetrator.

"We are not weak, clueless, stupid, fearful women… (And some men). We are humans that were put in impossible positions by predators. Criminals," she said.

She added that now is the time for survivors to join as an "army" to call out their assailants.

"Doesn't feel nice? Well, neither did what you did to us," the actress wrote. "We have found our voices. You should beware. And this must stop."

"Hopefully there won't be more stories to tell," Perrette concluded.