Ozzy Osbourne Looks Unrecognizable With Gray Hair in Photos Wife Sharon

New photos of rocker Ozzy Osbourne surfaced over the weekend, with the former Black Sabbath frontman almost unrecognizable with a head full of gray hair. The 71-year-old singer recently announced a slew of health problems, including a form of Parkinson's disease and a neck injury. Osbourne and his wife Sharon Osbourne have been staying in Los Angeles with their family during the coronavirus pandemic.

The photos obtained by the Daily Mail show Osbourne without his trademark all-black hair look; instead, his locks look like they are turning gray. Osbourne was seen sitting in a car with his hair swept back in a ponytail while Sharon drove. The "Crazy Train" singer stayed in the car while Sharon was shopping, and she made sure to wear a mask. Sharon's hair also looked different, as she stopped dying her hair earlier this year, ditching the familiar red look. The new photos were the first time Osbourne was seen publicly since he appeared on Celebrity Watch Party on July 23.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, Osbourne's 2020 plans were thrown for a loop when he was forced to postpone his tour to promote his latest album. The Osbournes planned to go to Switzerland for Parkinson's disease treatments, but that trip also had to be delayed due to the pandemic. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada in early May, Sharon said they hoped they could get to Switzerland in the late summer.

"So, fingers crossed, everything crossed. But he's doing good," Sharon said of her husband. "He's in good spirits, he's doing good." Sharon, who co-hosts CBS' The Talk, said the entire family is "doing great" during the pandemic. "I just can't complain," Sharon, 67, said. "You know cabin fever, yes. Getting a little edgy with each other, yes! I'd love to go walk around a shopping mall for an hour. But that'll happen."

Osbourne is not the only member of the family looking different. His daughter Kelly Osbourne's recent Instagram posts have shown off her dramatic 85-pound weight loss. Kelly said she had gastric sleeve surgery, which she called the "best thing" she has ever done. However, she warned that it was not a quick fix and was part of an overall lifestyle change she needed to follow to stay healthy.


Next month, a new documentary about Ozzy Osbourne will debut on A&E, titled Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne. In a preview clip, son Jack Osbourne said he felt his father was "bored" whenever he was stuck at home. "Even though he complains to this day about touring, he's not good at home," Jack said. "I literally just remember him as the dude on the couch. He'd pick me up from school occasionally, but I always got the feeling he was like, 'What do I do? I'm here. This is not what I'm good at.'"