Olivia Munn Speaks out About Aaron Rodgers and His Parents

Spending her fair share of time in the middle of ex-boyfriend, Aaron Rodgers' family drama, Olivia Munn now calls it "amazing" that the Green Bay Packers quarterback is patching things up with his parents and siblings.

After Rodgers revealed last week he had spent his birthday with family following a public accusation from brother and Bachelorette star, Jordan Rodgers for not reaching out to their parents amid the California wildfires, Munn told TMZ Sports she was happy about the reconciliation.

"Oh my gosh! Well if that's true, that's amazing," Munn said. "It's long overdue."

The news of a reconciliation first surfaced when Rodgers was asked about the firing of head coach Mike McCarthy on Sunday, Dec. 2. The quarterback told reporters he spent his 35th birthday with his parents, Edward and Darla Rodgers.

"I mean, I found out, I'm sure, the same way that most of you found out. I was at home with my folks in town for my birthday. When I found out, I was as shocked as many of you were, I'm sure," he told reporters.

Rodgers has reportedly been estranged from his family since 2014 and rarely mentions them, notes Entertainment Tonight. His brother, Jordan, a former Bachelorette contestant, called him out on Twitter last month, accusing him of ignoring his mother after their hometown of Chico, California was devastated by wildfires.

This past May, Munn admitted in an interview with Radio Andy with Andy Cohen that the tension between Rodgers and his family was brought on by both sides.

"I do believe that family and fame and success can be really complicated if their dreams are connected to your success," Munn told Cohen. "And Aaron is one of the best — if not the best — quarterback to ever play the game, so their work has a direct connection to what he does and that's ... at the end of the day there is a lot of complications ... I don't think either side of the road is clean, but I do think it's not OK when you try to stand on someone's shoulders and then throw dirt in their face, which is what I think they did with him."

For a while, fans and critics blamed Munn for the tension between Rodgers and his family, but Munn dismissed the claims, stating that none of it had to do with her.

"I met one brother, the one who was on 'The Bachelorette,' Jordan," she said. "I was friendly with Jordan. I met the parents only a couple times, and before he and I started dating, he hadn't spoken to the parents and one brother for like eight months."


Munn and Rodgers dated for three years, splitting up in April 2017 with the NFL player going on to date former NASCAR driver, Danica Patrick later that year. The two have been very public about their romance.

Photo credit: Getty Images