Nipsey Hussle Reveals Having 'Enemies Is a Blessing' in Last Tweet Hours Before Shooting

Rapper Nipsey Hussle's final tweet shared hours before he was fatally shot in Los Angeles on Sunday was one dedicated to his enemies.

"Having strong enemies is a blessing," the 33-year-old wrote. The tweet has received a lot of attention since officials in Los Angeles confirmed the death of the rapper.

Hussle, born Ermias Asghedom, was shot multiple times outside his clothing store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Los Angeles, according to The Los Angeles Times. His death was confirmed by a city official.

Two other people were shot and wounded, one of whom was taken to a nearby hospital, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

All three were shot in the parking lot outside the store, called The Marathon. Lt. Chris Ramirez of the LAPD said police were still piecing together what happened and that they do not yet have a motive for the shooting, which they are investigating as a homicide. Police believe at least one suspect fled from the scene in a car.

Local television stations showed footage of multiple police vehicles blocking off a road near a small shopping complex near the intersection of Slauson Avenue and Crenshaw Boulevard, near The Marathon Clothing store, which Hussle opened in 2017.

“Our hearts are with the loved ones of Nipsey Hussle and everyone touched by this awful tragedy,” Eric Garcetti, the mayor of Los Angeles, said in a tweet Sunday. “L.A. is hurt deeply each time a young life is lost to senseless gun violence.”

Hussle's debut studio album, Victory Lap, was nominated for Best Rap Album at this year's Grammy Awards. It lost to Cardi B's Invasion of Privacy.

Drake was one of the first hip-hop artists to pay tribute to Hussle, who is survived by his two children.

“My whole energy is just at a low right now hearing this,” wrote Drake, who collaborated with Hussle. “You were a real one to your people and to the rest of us. I’m only doing this here cause I want the world to know I saw you as a man of respect and a don. Rest easy my g.”

Hussle, whose name is a "twist on comedian Nispey Russell, according to the Grammy Awards website, first drew widespread acclaim for his three-part mixtape series, Bullets Ain't Got No Name.

He collaborated with artists like Snoop Dogg and YG. In 2013, he created buzz by creating only 1,000 physical copies of his mixtape, Crenshaw, and sold each for $100 at a pop-up shop. He said Jay-Z bought 100 copies, The New York Times reports.

His table, Atlantic Records, said in a statement Sunday that "Nipsey was not only one of the greatest artists we worked with but an amazing father and leader in his community. One of the kindest and brightest stars in the universe, he was inspiring to all."

According to NBC News, Hussle had been associated with the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips. The gang is one of the largest in LA and the rapper publicly acknowledged his association back in 2010. He also questioned certain rappers representing gangs like the Crips and Bloods during an interview with Complex, confirming his connection.


"If you 35, 28, or 30 years old, and you decide you're gonna pick up a rag and start bangin', and you can look yourself in the mirror and you still feel like you're a man? That's cool, do your thing. My concern is the n— that are really in the s—," Hussle told Complex.

"I'm more focused on giving solutions and inspiration more than anything...I feel like it's fraudulent. Straight up. If you ain't put on to this s—, you wasn't courted on, you ain't going to the back of the buildings to fight, your homies didn't get put on, you not from a gang. Not only are you not from a gang, if you ain't press a line and put in work, not necessarily kill nobody but you know, put yours on the line. It ain't just you a Blood when it's convenient, cause you got a camera and it looks cool."