Nick Cordero's Wife Says Doctors Have 'Done Everything' They Can for Him: 'I Am Still Praying for a Miracle'

Nick Cordero's wife, Amanda Kloots, is "praying for a miracle" as her husband remains in the intensive care unit following complications with the coronavirus. In a heartbreaking update over the weekend, Kloots revealed that after two months in the hospital, doctors have "done everything" they can for her husband, who has faced a number of health setbacks. Regardless of the fact, she said that she is remaining strong and keeping her hopes up.

Marking 60 days since her husband was rushed to the emergency room and admitted to the ICU, Kloots on Saturday wrote on her Instagram Story that she is "still praying for a miracle" and that "sometimes that prayer is answered in the way we ask and sometimes it's answered in a way we could never understand." She added that she was leaning on faith, which is "a beautiful thing but also, a hard thing," according to Entertainment Tonight.

On Sunday, Kloots, who has been documenting her husband's journey on social media and garnering support from fans, provided a further update on his health. After last updating fans in mid-May when her husband's health began to go "downhill," last week saying that there had been "some success," Kloots said that "we've just been in a little bit of a standstill" and "we're kind of just waiting to see if Nick gets better." She explained that "we're at a point where we've sort of done everything that we possibly can and now we're just waiting to see if things progress in a way that is good." Kloots added that her husband "is on a big dose of steroids to try to help with inflammation in his body so we're seeing if that works and we're just continuing prayers and hoping for miracles every day."


Kloots went on to speak about her faith again, recounting advice her sister had recently given her. Recalling her sister's words, Kloots said that "sometimes you ask for a miracle... in your mind, you're asking for the miracle you're asking for, but God gives you a miracle in a different way." She said that she believes "that God answers prayers and that he hears prayers and in the end, it is His will to be done and I have to just keep believing that" and promised to continue praying and asking God for this miracle for Nick and we will see. If it's not the miracle I'm asking for, maybe it's a miracle that comes out in a different way at a different time."