'My Wife and Kids' Star Tisha Campbell-Martin Accuses Husband Duane of Domestic Violence

After filing a restraining order against her husband, actress Tisha Campbell-Martin is opening up [...]

After filing a restraining order against her husband, actress Tisha Campbell-Martin is opening up about the years of domestic abuse she endured while married.

Martin filed the restraining order on Jan. 24, claiming that her husband, Duane Martin had been abusing her for over two decades, shortly after they married in 1996.

According to The Blast, an affidavit sent out read, "Physical Abuse: Things seemed to abruptly change only a couple months after our wedding. I had been emotionally, mentally and physically abused. I kept things hidden from my family his family our friends and the public, save a few very close friends and people who may have witnessed, over the past two decades, filing it away in the back of my mind to protect my family, the community and the public's persona of my spouse."

"I always thought of myself as a strong woman and keeping it moving was a positive trait but it was a cover up for the truth and truthfully, I was scared. I'm scared now of the ramifications and what he may do but i owe it to myself and my kids to follow through with this report and at least share a few incidences," she continued.

Martin's most recent complaint was when she filed a charge on Jan. 12 with the Los Angeles Police Department, claiming her estranged husband abused her over an argument about money issues, which is something that's haunted her.

According to Martin's original divorce complaint in Feb. 2018 when they mutually agreed on joint custody of their two children — Ezekiel, 9, and Xen, 17 — both parents filed for spousal support. Martin accused her husband of hiding and misappropriating money, which he responded by saying those allegations were "patently false." However, since the two split, both have been accused of hiding $50,000 from the trustee in their bankruptcy, who requested they both be sanctioned.

Over the years, Martin has accused her husband of abusing her in more than just a physical way, rather mentally as well. Duane allegedly made comments regarding Martin's weight saying, "She's not Sherry Shepard or Kim Whitley," adding, "those girls know how to book for fat girls. Tisha can't compete with them for those roles because she was never a big girl."

The fight quickly escalated and the My Wife and Kids actress says he eventually punched her "with a closed fist" in the chest.

As a response to the years of violence, Martin decided to go public not just with the divorce, but the abuse because she could "no longer live in fear of retaliation."

"The need to press criminal charges for his acts overshadows the embarrassment of making his crimes against me public through this report," she said.

Family and friends of the actress also came forward with support in her favor via written statements.

Until their hearing in February, a judge has granted the actress a temporary restraining order which requires Duane to remain at least 100 yards away from her.