Motley Crue Drummer Tommy Lee Reunites With Estranged Son Brandon

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's son, Brandon Lee, reunited with his Mötley Crüe dad months after the two made headlines for a physical altercation that left Tommy Lee bloodied and in the hospital.

Lee shared a black and white photo to Instagram of the two men hugging it out. In the photo, Brandon, 22, can be seen smiling while he hugs his dad, 56.

"I love you son," Lee wrote in the caption, tagging Brandon.

TMZ reports that Brandon reached out to his dad over the Thanksgiving holiday to see if they could reunite and talk things over. The news outlet reports that a source said "despite all the nastiness" between them, Brandon felt "it was time to move on because at the end of the day" he "loves his dad and wants to have a relationship."

TMZ also reports that Anderson, who is Lee's ex and Brandon's mother, supports the reunion.

Lee and Brandon reportedly met up on Wednesday in a music studio, which is where the black and white photo was taken. It marked the first time the father-son duo had seen each other since Lee claimed in March that Brandon punched him in the middle of the night. Brandon admitted to hitting his father, but said he did it in defense of his mother, Anderson.

In the midst of the drama between the men, a source told Entertainment Tonight that Brandon was tired of publicly fighting with his dad.

“It's so sad that Tommy feels the need to keep attacking his son despite Brandon's pleas to quit their very public feud," the source said. "Brandon wants to rise above all of this but keeps getting pulled into it and defending himself. Brandon realizes enough is enough and that's exactly why he removed the video of his father, but Tommy doesn't seem to want it to end. He seems to want to keep fighting.”

Brandon previously asked his father to keep the family drama off social media.


“Tommy. If you want to bad mouth me, do it to my face. You post something for the world to see, saying that I’m a bad kid and my mom is a bad mother, what do you expect?" the 22-year-old wrote. "Seriously, who’s the fkn adult here? How would you even know if I’m a bad kid, you’re not even around enough to know what kind of a person I am,” he wrote. “I understand that your feelings must be hurt still about how things went down. But please stop posting all of this on social media, it’s making us all act like kids. Let’s just drop it dude.”

Brandon was recently added to MTV's revival of The Hills. It's unclear if his reunion with his father will appear on the series, which is expected to debut sometime in 2019.