Miley Cyrus Sports Only Black Bikini Bottoms in Declarative, Risque Photo

Miley Cyrus left little to the imagination on Saturday in her Instagram Story. The singer wore [...]

Miley Cyrus left little to the imagination on Saturday in her Instagram Story. The singer wore black bikini bottoms and nothing on top in one Boomerang clip that has gone viral. She joked: "I don't need a top, I am one."

Cyrus busted out her vintage duck lips expression as she sat by the pool for her scandalous selfie. She wore a white baseball cap with a faint graphic of an eagle on it, with the sun behind her. Fans were envious of Cyrus' scenery and of the summer-like temperatures was clearly enjoying. Many lamented the cold climates in their own areas, or else joined Cyrus in enjoying the changing seasons.

Cyrus did eventually get some more clothes on, as evidenced in a later post on her Story. She wore a black tank top and short shorts as she danced to the 1979 Diana Summer song "Hot Stuff." Here, she wrote: "Hot stuff seeking hot stuff."

These posts lived on through fan accounts and re-posts, though Cyrus herself let them expire from her Instagram Story. The singer is back to work now with regular posts promoting her music and her work to make publicity possible in spite of the pandemic. Last week, she released a music video for "Angels Like You," which she said was "filmed at the first COVID compliant concert of its size since the pandemic."

The concert she referred to was the TikTok Tailgate, which preceded the 2021 Super Bowl last month. The concert was thrown for an audience of 7,500 healthcare workers who had already received the COVID-19 vaccine by then. In a statement on Instagram, Cyrus explained how much it meant to her to return to the stage, especially knowing that it was safe to do so.

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"It's been almost a year without live music," she lamented. "I desperately miss the connection it brings. I miss hearing your voices ring out in harmony with my own. I miss YOU. With vaccines becoming more available the dream of us all being reunited is getting closer to becoming a reality."

"We just have to do our part," Cyrus continued. "I hope you love what I have made for you and that you feel for just these few minutes that you were here in the crowd at the show with us. Soon."

"Angels Like You" is a soulful ballad about a mismatched love affair, though many commenters said that it was a poignant match for the masked concert video as well since it is about being close and distant at the same time. The song was released in November on Cyrus' latest album Plastic Heart. It is available now in music stores and on streaming services.