Miley Cyrus Wants to Reprise Hannah Montana for Megan Thee Stallion Collaboration

A decade after ditching her Disney Channel pop star persona, Miley Cyrus is now prepared to [...]

A decade after ditching her Disney Channel pop star persona, Miley Cyrus is now prepared to reprise Hannah Montana. The "Wrecking Ball" singer revealed on Monday that while she has previously written off-putting on Hannah Montana's wig again, she would be more than willing to reprise the character for a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion.

The tease went down Monday after Megan, whose full name is Megan Javon Ruth Pete, participated in a question-and-answer session with fans amid surmounting speculation that Tina Snow 2, a follow-up to her second EP, could be coming. Amid the flurry of questions, one fan asked what her favorite Hannah Montana song is. She was quick to reply with, "If We Were A Movie," one of the songs from the show's first season. While Cyrus wasn't tagged in the post, it soon caught her eye, with the singer responding by asking, "Can Hannah get a feature?" She also put her own spin on a few of Megan's nicknames and catchphrases, adding the hashtags, "Hannah Snow," "Hot Girl Hannah," and "Hannah Thee Stallion."

While Megan hasn't yet responded to the offer, her love of Hannah Montana is well documented. As Bustle notes, a reference to the show even made it into her 2018 song "Tina Montana," in which she sings, "snatch off your wig like you Hannah Montana." She again brought about Cyrus' former alter-ego when coming to her defended in 2019 after the singer joined the viral "Hot Girl Summer" movement by sharing a video of herself dancing to "Simon Says." As the clip sparked backlash, Megan told PAPER that "we want all the Hot Girls we can get. For me, watching Hannah Montana ... for Miley Cyrus to be having a Hot Girl Summer, I'm like, 'D–. That's amazing!'"

Fans will ultimately have to wait to see if the Megan Thee Stallion/Hannah Montana collaboration comes to fruition. Cryus in the post has shot down any hope of reprising the character, even previously joking that she was "murdered" and that "HM is chopped up into little tiny pieces and buried in my backyard."

Hannah Montana ran for four seasons on the Disney Channel, from 2006 to 2011. On the series, Cyrus starred as Miley Stewart, a teenager who was a regular high schooler by day and pop star Hannah Montana by night. Her real-life father, country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, co-starred as Miley Stewart's father. The show was a major success and launched a franchise that included albums and a 2009 feature film.