Miley Cyrus Shares Hospitalization Video Featuring a Romantic Guest Cameo

Miley Cyrus had a very special visitor in the hospital in the form of new beau Cody Simpson as she recovers from a nasty case of tonsillitis. The Aussie singer showed up with "roses and his guitar in hand," Cyrus wrote on her Instagram Story alongside a photo of her new man, adding the hashtagged phrases, "I'm not crying," "you're crying."

MIley Cyrus Cody SImpson hospital 2
(Photo: Miley Cyrus)

"BF coming to visit me [at] the hospy," she wrote alongside another photo of herself in her hospital gown, which she modified to be a bit more stylish with no shoulders. The "Mother's Daughter" songstress also shared a number of videos of Simpson sitting by her bedside, playing her an original song he wrote just for her.

"Suddenly I am feeling much better," Cyrus wrote. "This sweeeeeet guy came to visit at the hospital and sang the sweeetest song he wrote just for me. It's too special to be heard in full only by my ears so I am currently pressuring him to DROP IT next week & it's working #goldenthing."

Miley Cyrus Cody Simpson hospital
(Photo: Miley Cyrus)

Cyrus announced she was suffering from tonsillitis earlier this week, tweeting alongside a photo of her in a hospital bed, "Tonsillitis is a f—ing f—!"

"Trying to heal a quick as possible to make it to Gorillapalooza [with] [Ellen DeGeneres, Portia de Rossi and Bruno Mars] this weekend!" Cyrus wrote over the photo, tagging herstar pals. "Send gooooood vibes my way! Hoping the Rock star G*DS send me a boost of bad ass and help me kick this s— to the curb where it belongs! We got gorillas to save!"

After her public splits from husband Liam Hemsworth and girlfriend, Kaitlynn Carter over the past few months, Cyrus took to her Instagram Story last week to ask for privacy in her new relationship with Simpson.

"I know the public feels invested in my past relationship because they felt like they saw it thru from the beginning.... I think that's why people have always felt so entitled over my life and how I live it because they've watched me grow up.... but I am grown now and make choices as an adult knowing the truth/details/reality," she wrote. "People only 'know' what they see on the internet."

"Men (especially successful ones) are RARELY slut shamed," the "Younger Now" singer continued. "They move on from one beautiful woman to the next MOST times without consequence. They are usually referenced as 'legends,' 'heart throbs', 'G,' 'Ladies Man' etc..... where women are called sluts/whores ! I am trying to just THRIVE/ survive in a "mans" world .... if we can't beat em, join em! If our president can 'grab em by the p—y....' can't I just have a kiss and acaí bowl?!?!"

Cyrus added she refuses to be a "recluse" and go on dates from home, as it "puts me in a vulnerable position... I would like to share an activity with someone I am dating and not be stuck at home and pretty much nothing to do but 'Netflix and chill.'"


"I have a great life. I wouldn't trade for 'privacy,' but PLEASE don't make this awkward for me!" she concluded. "I am trying to make light and like always MAKE FUN of myself/and the public's perception of me! Get used to me dating - this is where I am at!"

Photo credit: Harry Durrant/Getty Images