Miley Cyrus Shares Book Passage About Nick Jonas on '7 Things' Anniversary

Miley Cyrus is celebrating the 13th anniversary of her song "7 Things," which she wrote about ex Nick Jonas. The singer, now 28, posted an Instagram gallery related to the song's 2008 release Thursday, captioning it simply, "13 years of 7 things." In the gallery were included clips of the song and a screenshot of her holding up a picture of the Jonas Brothers star, also 28 now, covered by a sticky note.

Also included was an excerpt from Cyrus' 2009 memoir Miles to Go, in which she discussed writing the song following her split from Jonas, whom she referred to only as "Prince Charming" in the book. "I was angry when I wrote '7 Things.' I wanted to punish him, to get back at home for hurting me," she wrote at the time. "It starts with a list of what I 'hate.' But I'm not a heart. My heart knew from the start that it was going to be a love story. Why does he get a love song? Because I don't hate him. I won't let myself hate anybody." Cyrus continued that the song is about "forgiving, not forgetting" her past romance. "Here's what I feel: It's hard to imagine that our love is a story with an end. But you know, at least I'm getting some good songs out it," she said.

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The Hannah Montana alum and Jonas were romantically linked in 2006, with the Jonas Brothers even opening for Cyrus on her Best of Both Worlds tour, but the couple broke up in 2007. In 2018, Jonas confirmed that "7 Things" was about him in an interview with BBC Radio 1. "I've never directly heard that from Miley, but [in the music video] she does wear a dog tag that I gave her when I was 14. I was actually kind of flattered to be honest because it's there forever and I know it's about me," he said.


Last year, Cyrus made headlines for following Jonas on Instagram, which she explained on the August 2020 episode of the Zach Sang Show. "Have you ever gone and looked and seen that all the sudden that you've been unfollowed or you've unfollowed someone and, like, didn't mean to?" she said on the show, saying she never meant to unfollow him in the first place. "I've been following Nick since the throwback on my Instagram, like, a year ago. I had a very epic photo of me coming out of an airport in an awesome, vintage — now vintage — Jonas Brothers tee. And we've been following each other since then."