Miley Cyrus Reveals Large New Skeleton Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is showing off her newest tattoo. The "Slide Away" singer took to her Instagram Story to post a mirror selfie with her sweater sleeve rolled up to reveal a mid-size skeleton on her right tricep. The smiling skeleton is standing straight up and sports an oversized heart as well as a large bejeweled crown atop its head.

(Photo: @mileycyrus)

In the black and white photo, Cyrus wears a dark sweater and beanie and leans up against her boyfriend Cody Simpson's back. She offered no caption for the photo, which was posted Monday.

The skeleton is just the latest ink for Cyrus, 27, who already has more than 50 different tattoos, and got three in just one week last month, according to the Daily Mail.

In October, Cyrus shared a new tattoo that fans suspected might be a nod to her ex, Kaitlynn Carter, who she dated over the summer after splitting from husband Liam Hemsworth. The tattoo was a large rose, done by celebrity tattoo artist Nico Bassill, which covered up a small green avocado on her left tricep. The rose was akin to a delicate rose tattoo Carter got on the back of her neck while at a tattoo parlor with Cyrus back in September. During that particular outing, Cyrus got a snake design.

Cyrus has gotten several tattoos to denote her friends and relationships throughout the years. The rose is just a few inches away from a design that reads "KATZ," which is in honor of her best friend Katy Weaver, according to Seventeen. Weaver has a matching one, "MEOWTZ," on her right wrist.


She debuted still yet another new tattoo earlier that month, this time in the form of a finely shaded heart, wrapped in a banner and pierced with a dagger, on the back of her arm. The banner reads, "ROCK 'N ROLL HEART," and was also done by Bassill. As it turns out, the tattoo was inspired by rockstar Billy Idol and his ex, Perry Lister, who has an identical tattoo — dagger and all — on her shoulder. Later that month, Cyrus and Simpson dressed up as the iconic couple for Halloween.