Miley Cyrus Tweets Message About California Wildfires and Wild Animals

A series of wildfires are currently sweeping through Southern California, causing huge amounts of damage as the blazes traverse the area.

Over several days, the fires have burned more than 83,000 acres, destroyed hundreds of homes and forced tens of thousands of residents to evacuate, BuzzFeed News reports. The fires have also displaced wild animals from their homes, resulting in animals fleeing the flames and searching for shelter.

To help raise awareness, singer Miley Cyrus shared a message on social media Wednesday asking those in California to be aware that wild animals may show up in their yards.

The message asks residents to bring their domestic animals inside at night to let the wild animals pass through and to put out buckets of water for them to drink. Many residents who have been forced to evacuate have also brought their animals with them, although some were unable to bring their larger animals, like horses, as they had just minutes to evacuate their homes.

On Wednesday night, a man heroically saved a rabbit along Highway 1 in La Conchita as the animal got perilously close to flames from the Thomas Fire, ABC 7 reports.


Photo Credit: Twitter / @MileyCyrus