'Mighty Ducks' Star Shaun Weiss Celebrates a Year of Sobriety Following Meth Bust

Mighty Ducks star Shaun Weiss has marked a major milestone amid his road to recovery after several difficult years battling drug addiction. The actor, who portrayed the goalie Goldberg in the beloved 1992 film, celebrated a full year of sobriety on Wednesday, a momentous occasion that was praised by his close friend Drew Gallagher.

Gallagher applauded his friend reaching the year-mark with an Instagram post, writing, "Happy 1-year-sober for [Shaun Weiss]." He added, "what a journey and what a recovery!!! So. D–. Proud." The celebratory message was shared alongside a photo of the two dinings at TGI Fridays together. In the photo, Weiss appeared healthy and smiling, a welcome update given his troubled past that sparked much concern among fans.

Speaking with TMZ, Gallagher confirmed Weiss hit the one-year milestone Wednesday. He said his friend had been looking forward to the day for some time and had opted to celebrate the occasion by delaying his Christmas, waiting to open presents on the day he celebrated his sobriety. Gallagher also offered an update on the actor's smile. Weiss received a full dental sponsorship in September and recently underwent multiple oral surgeries to get his smile back to perfect. According to Gallagher, Weiss' permanent pearly whites on both the top and bottom are now almost done. The actor is said to be wearing temporary dentures for the time being.

When marking 230 days of sobriety back in September, Gallagher had further opened up about Weiss' struggles, writing that "the daily life of his recovery can seem arduous albeit incremental, but when we stop at milestones and look back at where he was, we both get this renewed sense of 'second chance' bliss and responsibility for him to get things right." He said Weiss was working to get back on his feet, and so he was offering some help by "trying to get him a car so he can work and do deliveries until his film career picks back up." Gallagher also said Weiss was even hoping to star in a sequel to Heavyweights.


The actor, who ran into trouble with the law before checking into a sober living facility, is still staying at a sober living house in Tarzana, California. Fans had rallied around the actor in the hopes of getting him help, in July raising thousands of dollars to help pay for rehab. As for what's next, Gallagher said Weiss is looking ahead to the future and working on his comedy chops and doing some scriptwriting.