Michael Jackson Cousin Is Selling His Alleged Last IV Drip Bag

Michael Jackson fans could soon own a very strange and unique piece of macabre memorabilia. Marsha Stewart, one of the King of Pop's cousins, said she is auctioning off a blood-stained IV drip bag used to administer drugs to the singer during his last days. The drip bag is part of an auction that includes other items once owned by Jackson's late father, Joe Jackson.

Stewart showed off the bag in a video that surfaced on YouTube in August. It was allegedly used by Dr. Conrad Murray to administer the drug Propofol to Jackson, who died in June 2009. The Propofol "later dissolved," but Stewart claimed Jackson's DNA is still in the bag, reports The Mirror. She claims there are even traces of his blood in the tubes and it was the "last one he had in his arm when he died." Stewart said she and Joe kept it at Joe's house until he died in June 2018.

The bag was put up for auction by Memorabelia Expert in Las Vegas. The auction ends on Sunday night and is up to $4,356 after seven bids. While the auction house notes that the bag unlikely delivered the fatal dosage of Propofol that killed Jackson, it was possibly used as evidence in Murray's involuntary manslaughter trial. "We believe if this was used as evidence for the trial against the doctor, Joe would not have been able to obtain it," the auction house noted. "However, within Joe's personal paperwork was the Minute Order 1/25/11 Case No. SA 073164 The People of the State of California vs. Conrad Robert Murray."

The IV drip bag is not the only strange item from Stewart's collection included in the auction. While the collection includes some unsurprising items like worn costumes and gold records, fans can also bid on one of Jackson's wigs and Joe's dentures. There are no bids on the dentures, which started at $250. "Presented is one of Joe Jackson's personal items from Stewart's collection," the auction house's listing reads. "It's actually the most personal you can get. It's his dentures. That's right, his dentures. The top portion of his chompers. Something for someone that thought they had just about everything in their collection from a famous person. Or, perhaps the ultimate gift for the dentist in your family. We will leave it at that."


Jackson died on June 26, 2009, from a massive overdose of Propofol. In 2011, Murray was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter. He was sentenced to four years in prison but was released after serving just two in October 2013. Jackson's father Joe died in June 2018 at age 89, following a battle with pancreatic cancer.