Met Gala: Harry Styles Wears Unorthodox Sheer Top, Reveals Rare Look at Tattoos

Harry Styles wore a unique sheer top to the Met Gala on Monday night, and fans seemed to approve.

Styles did not go for a suit and tie kind of look on Monday, instead opting for a more revealing choice. The actor wore a black shirt that was virtually see-through at the shoulders, sleeves and the upper half of his back. The sheer top had ruffled sleeves and armbands just past the elbows, and an ornate ruffled kerchief around the throat.

The shirt was unconventional, but fans seemed to like it on Styles. The sheer parts put his tattoos and his musculature on full display, and he looked perfectly at ease even as countless cameras turned on him.


"If Harry Styles kills me, do NOT prosecute him. He caught ME slipping. that's on ME," added another.

"Harry Styles; the king of saying f— toxic masculinity," a third person noted.

Of course, not everyone was in favor of Styles' bold look. A few people felt he got too much credit for the shirt, which would not have been out of place on any female celebrities.

"I mean... y'all are gagging over Harry Styles showing up to the [Met Gala] in high-waisted pants, a sheer shirt and heels?" one person wrote sarcastically, along with a GIF from The Devil Wears Prada.

"Harry styles wearing that one earring Kim Kardashian lost in the ocean," joekd another person, referencing an infamous scene from Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Styles did wear a lot of jewellery to Monday's event, including a single dangling earring and a ring on eight of his fingers. These included a few small, simple rings and some big flashy ones, such as a lion with a stone in his mouth and the letters "H" and "S" cast in gold. Styles' nails were also painted in alternating black and green, and the tattoo of a crucifix on his hand was on full display.


Even Styles' flashy look could not keep the spotlight all to itself on Monday as stars turned out in full force for the Met Gala. Oscar-winner Lady Gaga put on a salacious show on the red carpet, Serena Williams opted for comfort and Amy Schumer even got in on the action while she was in bed recovering from giving birth on Sunday night.

The Met Gala is live on various news networks and streaming platforms on Monday night.