Mel B Says Ex Stephen Belafonte Sent Abusive Messages to Family Members, Pretended to Be Her

Mel B and her sister Danielle recently opened up about their 10-year feud, as well as, the former Spice Girl's ex, Stephen Belafonte. The two ladies appeared on Britain's Good Morning and opened up about how they split and eventually lost contact.

"I was in a 10-year marriage. Not the nicest marriage. I got very isolated from friends and family," the 44-year-old admitted.

Danielle said, "A lot of the close friends, like people who work for you — your PA — that's always been there, kind of got pushed to one side, it was done gradual that way, and then we was the last ones to go, me, my mum and dad."

Mel B, also known as Melanie Brown, claims her marriage was "emotionally traumatic" and says Belafonte would send nasty emails to her family while pretending to be her according to Daily Mail.

"We found out her phone number and address," her sister said. "But it would all change. We would get a horrible email back nothing want to do with you. We know it wasn't Melanie replying."

Brown and Belafonte share one child together, Madison, 9, and she's also the mother to Angel, 11, whom she shares with Eddie Murphy, and Phoenix Chi, 20, from a previous marriage to Jimmy Gulzar.

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"I was in a coercive and not nice relationship," the pop singer admitted. "One of the things happens is you get cut off from friends and family. I was emotionally traumatic."

Brown also admitted that because she lived in Los Angeles, her trips back home became few and far between, making it easier to strip away from her family.

She and her ex-husband got married in 2007 and Danielle remained part of the picture up until then and shortly after even.

Danielle told fans that her friends suggested she just show up and her sister's house but mentioned thing's were more complicated than that. Brown said she and Belafonte would argue all the time and to try and avoid those, she remained quiet.

"It happened constantly," Brown said. "I always lost."

Her sister came to her defense saying, "You know the blankness in her eyes. Her eyes always looked dead because she wasn't that happy."

Scary Spice wrote a book confessing the issues she dealt with in her marriage titled "Brutally Honest."

"I lost ten years of being with my sister and mum," she said. "We lost time with each other's kids."


Despite the years lost, things are turning around and the sisters are able to admit they're even closer now because of what happened.

"Life is getting better and better and better. I don't live a life of a relationship full of lying and embarrassment and shame," she added.