Mel B's Ex Will Reportedly Show Drug Videos in Court

Mel B has been trying to block her ex from releasing a sexually explicit video, but now one containing drugs is reportedly being thrown into their divorce case.

The Spice Girls member's estranged husband Stephen Belafonte will reportedly submit video into evidence containing the couple talking with Belafonte holding a bag of cocaine, according to The Sun.

Mel has denied being addicted to drugs during the couple's marriage, but Belafonte's team will reportedly use the video to prove otherwise.

Belafonte is also attempting to enter videos of a reported threesome they had with their nanny, Lorraine Gilles, to strengthen the drug use allegations.

"Stephen says that nanny Lorraine Gilles is also in the videos and will say that Mel took drugs during their sexual liaisons," a source said. "The drug information is one of the reasons why Mel wishes to have the matter held in private."

It was previously reported that Belafonte plans to enter 54 videos into the court record for the proceedings, which includes at least one with "sexually explicit" images of the couple.

Mel told the judge her children should be shielded from seeing these videos. She says the only way to ensure that happens is by sealing the case and closing the courtroom during the proceedings.

The America's Got Talent judge has also claimed that Belafonte was abusive and unfaithful during their marriage. He has denied those claims.




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