Meghan McCain Calls for Police Reform Following Rayshard Brooks' Death

The View co-host Meghan McCain is calling for police reform, following the death of Rayshard Brooks. During Monday's episode of the daytime talk show, McCain said, "I think we need to focus on training in de-escalation for the police department. That seems to be a huge issue here."

She went on to say, "This case is so sad because he wasn’t armed and he was in his car. He was running way." Brooks was killed on Friday by now-former Atlanta Police Officer Garrett Rolfe after resisting arrest over a failed field sobriety test. Brooks was asleep in his car in a Wendy's parking lot, with Rolfe and his partner called to investigate. They gave Brooks a field sobriety test, which he did not pass, and then decided to arrest him. Brooks struggled with the officers, and then reportedly took one of their Tasers as he ran away. Rolfe opened fire on Brooks, hitting him with two bullets in the back. The incident was caught on camera. Brooks was taken to the hospital and rushed into emergency surgery, but he ultimately died of blood loss and organ injuries.

McCain went on to express her shock over Brooks' death, saying, "I hope this doesn’t sound trite, but I’ve certainly been drunk at a Wendy’s before, and I wasn’t shot." She then reiterated that police departments "need to focus on the specific form of training of de-escalating instead of militarizing and escalating." The View co-host Joy Behar back up McCain, offering, "I don't really understand why the cops can't be trained to take a different tack with people."

Behar acknowledged that Brooks was reportedly "pointing a Taser at them," but doubled-down on the opinion that this does not merit lethal force. "It's still not a deadly weapon. There's no reason to shoot the guy dead. My God," Behar said. "He has children, he has a wife, he has family. There were alternatives to this behavior. They need to be trained properly." Rolfe has since been fired from the Atlanta Police Department, and the other officer involved has been placed on leave. Charges have not been brought against Rolfe, but the district attorney is reportedly considering options.