Meghan Markle's First Royal Red Carpet Appearance Will Be at 'Lion King' Premiere

Meghan Markle's hitting the red carpet again for the first time since becoming a royal. The Duchess of Sussex is set to attend the premiere of The Lion King in London's West End where the new mom will also have the opportunity to meet the cast and crew ahead of watching the film.

The former Suits actress has had her fair share of red carpet events, but most of that changed when she said "I do" to Prince Harry. Although she attends royal events, they're slightly different than the Hollywood style atmosphere she came from.

She and her royal husband will attend the premiere together, leaving their first-born, Archie Mountbatten Windsor, at home Sunday evening to join the stars of the live-action remake of the 1994 original Disney film.

The European star-studded event will help support Harry's ongoing conservation work, as well as, his efforts towards African communities and wildlife.

The premiere comes just months before the new family leave for South Africa.

The popular Disney film will also benefit Protect the Pride, which is a global conservation campaign that shows efforts in raising awareness and protection against the decreasing lion population in Africa.

The highly anticipated live-action film features popular names like Beyoncé, Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner and Donald Glover. It almost felt like there was royalty in the building during the southern California world premiere when the "Formation" singer caused a draw dropping experience with her daughter Blue Ivy Carter when they graced the red carpet.

It didn't stop there though. Rogen said queen Bey received a "standing ovation for just existing" at the premiere.

When the film's director, Jon Favreau, introduced the cast, as soon as he announced Beyoncé's name the crowd "went crazy."

"Beyoncé was called out and the audience stood up and went crazy," the Pineapple Express actor recalled to E!. "I was like, 'She's getting a standing ovation for just existing.' Like, her mere presence was a reason to stand and go crazy, and I totally got it. I was like, 'Yeah, we should be celebrating. We made it. We're all in a room with Beyoncé. That's what you want.'"


"I know they weren't clapping for me, but I was on the stage, and I, for a brief moment, felt like what it must feel like to have that adulation," he continued to explain. "All I was thinking was, 'Oh, people don't like me that much. I don't get one iota of this.' No, I get, like, a smattering at best."

The 37-year-old actor said he was a little intimidated by the singer, so much so, he waited until she approached him backstage out of "fear" of going up to her first.