Meghan Markle's Face Suspected to Be Photoshopped Onto Christmas E-Card by Social Media, and Fans Have Words

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be planning to spend the holidays in Canada enjoying some quiet time, but their Christmas card has sparked some conversation on Twitter. Yesterday, the royal couple shared their first Christmas card with their new baby, Archie. And while the photo is a delightful image of the family of three, some have noticed that there is something unusual going on with the image itself.

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The black-and-white photo shows Markle and her husband in the background, with baby Archie front and center. However, while Prince Harry's face is slightly out of focus, Markle's face appears crystal clear, which led some to believe the image was photoshopped.

Naturally, there were a faction of Christmas card truthers that took to Twitter to share their analysis with the rest of the internet.

Markle wasn't the only one suspected of having some digital touchups done before the card was debuted online. Other users pointed out inconsistencies throughout the photo, including Prince Harry and baby Archie.

Still, some suspected that the allegedly photoshopped image was not the one originally released by the couple, but edited to conjure up responses from social media.


Yesterday, the Queen released her annual Christmas message of her own, speaking to a message of reconciliation.

"The path, of course, is not always smooth, and may at times this year have felt quite bumpy, but small steps can make a world of difference," the 93-year-old royal said. She delivered the speech next to a collection of family photos -- however, images Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were not included.