Meghan Markle Reportedly Told PR Firm 'I Want to Break the Internet'

Kim Kardashian better move over because there's another person planning to break the internet. Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, reportedly has big plans to shake things up online now that the former Suits actress is a member of the British royal family. Markle allegedly had a meeting with the public relations firm Sunshine Sachs to discuss her new projects.

According to a royal source who spoke with The Sun, Markle hired the first before the launch of her first stint as guest editor for Vogue U.K. was published.

"Meghan is creating a team that is not bogged down by the traditions and regulations of the Palace to work for her and Harry on passion projects," the source claimed. "She had been seeking advice from the PR company Sunshine Sachs privately for weeks but decided to officially hire them for the launch of her Vogue Magazine guest edit."

The source said Markle wanted "maximum coverage" of the magazine in the U.S., "which is the country she really cares about in terms of the media."

“She was incredibly hands-on with the strategy and in one meeting told the staff: ‘I want to break the Internet,'" the source claimed. "It was an honest thing to say but still quite shocking for a royal to express it that way. It made her sound like a celebrity wanting to publicise a new album or movie."

Sunshine Sachs will work on the new Sussex Royal foundation Prince Harry and Markle recently launched after they split from Prince William and Kate Middleton for charitable causes.

Sunshine Sachs worked on the royal couple's publicity for the first time on Tuesday, when Harry went to Amsterdam to launch the Sussex Royal Foundation. Royal advisers were not happy about the trip, because it involved Harry speaking in support of an eco-travel initiative after his recent trips on private jets. During the event, Harry raised more eyebrows when he claimed 99 percent of his flights are commercial.

Markle faced new criticism when she flew to New York to watch Serena Williams in the U.S. Open final instead of joining the Queen at Balmoral Castle in Scotalnd.

"This is Meghan’s way of being able to get a Hollywood answer to a question if she’s not hearing what she wants to from the Palace," another royal source told The Sun. "But that’s a dangerous precedent to set because there is a reason why courtiers and advisers treat members of the Royal Family differently — they are not celebrities, they are publicly funded official figures with a formal role."

The second source continued, "And they need to hear the truth, even if it’s not the answer they want. That’s something Harry does not like and Meghan isn’t familiar with from her former career. They appear tone-deaf to criticism at times, which was proven this week by Harry in Amsterdam and by Meghan going to New York and not Balmoral.”

As The Daily Mail points out, the Royal family continues to wonder how Markle sees her future, and if she plans on sticking with royal duties or even return to showbusiness. The Sun reports that she even has a "secret team" in Hollywood that includes Nick Collins, a partner at her former talent agency, The Gersh Agency.

"What’s worrying is their role in ongoing projects like her children’s book, which would usually be handled by Palace staff," a senior royal source told The Sun. "But she’s learning how different life inside the Royal Family is compared to her previous career. There are times she feels frustrated.”


Markle and Harry married in May 2018 and welcomed their son, Archie, a year later.

Photo credit: Clive Brunskill/Getty Images