Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Reportedly Want to Mend Their Relationship

Kate Middleton is reportedly hoping she can mend her relationship with Meghan Markle when she visits the U.S. in December with her husband, Prince William. The two have been pitted against each other in the U.K. media, and have reportedly still not fixed their rift since Queen Elizabeth II's death in September. They could have another shot at mending fences when William and Kate visit Boston for the 2022 Earthshot Prize ceremony in December.

"Once Kate and William's Boston plans are set in stone, she's planning to extend an olive branch to Meghan in a bid to reunite the brothers and heal the rift," a source told Us Weekly on Oct. 13. The source said that Kate is inspired to end her feud with Markle out of a belief that this is what the late Queen and Princess Diana "would've wanted" for the spouses of brothers Prince William and Prince Harry. The insider added that Markle is "willing to put in the effort" if her and Harry's schedules allow.

Reports about a feud between Markle and Middleton began surfacing shortly after Markle and Harry married in 2018. Markle referenced the feud during her March 2021 interview with Oprah Winfrey, with Harry by her side. The former Suits star said Middleton was "upset about flower girl dresses," which made her cry and "really hurt my feelings." Middleton later apologized, even sending her flowers and a note, Markle told Winfrey.

Markle also responded to the U.K. media constantly putting her up against Middleton. "I think so much of what I have seen play out is this idea of polarity, where if you love me, you don't have to hate her," she told Winfrey. "And if you love her, you don't need to hate me."

Other sources have told Us Weekly in the past that Middleton has attempted to fix her relationship with Markle. After Markle and Harry's daughter Lilibet was born in June 2021, a source told the magazine that Middleton was reaching out "a lot more" and was sending gifts to "build" a relationship. "The firm has been instructing staffers to reach out more to Harry and Meghan to get them to soften a bit," the source said.

Harry, Markle, William, and Middleton all appeared together publicly in the days after Queen Elizabeth's death in September. However, sources told The Mirror that they ignored each other during the entire time Harry and Markle were in the U.K. A source told The Mirror that any talk of a truce between Harry and William was "temporary" while everyone waits to see what Harry will include in his now-delayed memoir.

"There is still a serious amount of distrust in the air and there hasn't been any cause for that to change," The Mirror's source said. "The feeling is very much that there is little point in pursuing a repair in relations until all the cards are on the table." The Mirror added that most senior royals are "increasingly uneasy" about what Harry could include in the book.