Meghan Markle Reveals She Was 'Convinced' She'd Be Recast on 'Suits'

Meghan Markle recently took part in a wide-ranging interview for Variety. During the conversation, Markle opened up about her time on Suits. She even told the outlet that she thought that she was going to be recast as Rachel Zane at one point. 

Markle spoke extensively about life before becoming the Duchess of Sussex. As Variety pointed out, there was a lot of toxicity within the entertainment industry when the duchess was a working actor. While this was a time before the Me Too and Oscars So White movements, Markle could still discern that there were major issues within the industry. She explained, "We didn't have a name for it at that time. There were just certain things that were accepted. If there was any discomfort, you just dealt with it. It forced a lot of women to live with this idea of staying silent, not being disruptive, not giving voice to the things that might create concern or discomfort."

Markle went on to say that she worked hard to create a lane for herself in the entertainment business and that she was eager "to land on a show." Although, when she was cast as a series regular on Suits, she was worried that her time on the show would be brief. The Duchess of Sussex said, "All of Season 1 on Suits, I was convinced I was going to get recast. All the time. It got to a point where the creator was like, 'Why are you so worried about this?'" While on the topic of her Suits tenure, she was asked whether she would ever go back to the acting world. She had a rather straightforward answer, saying, "No. I'm done. I guess never say never, but my intention is to absolutely not."


Not only did Markle discuss her acting career with Variety, but she also spoke about the British royal family. More specifically, she commented on how the world has been mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Markle was in the United Kingdom alongside Prince Harry at the time of her passing, and the couple even put on a united front with the rest of the royal family despite their past tension. She explained to the publication that she was "grateful" that she was able to be by her husband's side as he dealt with the loss of his grandmother. Markle added, "What's so beautiful is to look at the legacy that his grandmother was able to leave on so many fronts. Certainly, in terms of female leadership, she is the most shining example of what that looks like. I feel deep gratitude to have been able to spend time with her and get to know her."