Megan Fox Opens up About Having More Kids

Megan Fox is thinking about having more kids with husband Brian Austin Green, which means a fourth baby could be far off in her future.

"None of them are planned, so I can not tell you if I'm done," the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actress told Extra. "My body is barely holding itself together. It's like, stitched together with bubblegum and Scotch tape. It's gonna fall apart if I have another one."

The 31-year-old Fox and the 44-year-old Green are already the parents to three young sons. Noah, their eldest, is 5, while Bodhi is 3. Their youngest, Journey, is 15 months old.

"[Journey]'s just very calm and kind, and then my older two are wild beasts and they're always fighting," Fox told Extra . "It's a weapon you can not get for, they're weapons ... They're always trying to kill each other, and it's so stressful 'cause the baby gets stressed out cause he does not understand what's going on. "

Her kids will grow up to be artists, not athletes, Fox predicted.

"Once upon a time, I was a decent halfway ... But it's hard to do when you have small children every day," she told Extra.

Fox and Green have been married since 2010, after the divorce for the month of August. But in early 2016, they reunited and announced they were expecting Journey in August 2016.

Fox starred as Mikaela in the first two Transformers and movies played April O'Neil inthe 2016 TMNT movie and its 2016 sequel. She also had a recurring role on New Girl last season.

She is on the cover of Prestige Hong Kong's most recent issue, in which she talks about the lack of morals and integrity in Hollywood in the light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal.


"There are some very dark negative things that we do on the set, between actors or between actors and directors — specifically to actresses — that we have to go through," Fox said. "It's completely about greed."

As for Green, he's best known for plating David Silver on Beverly Hills, 90210 and starred in Anger Management with Charlie Sheen. This year, he starred in the movie Cross Wars .