McKayla Maroney Has Become Obsessed With the Selfie

Former Olympic athlete McKayla Maroney is one of Instagram's latest obsessions, and she has turned to the selfie trend to keep her social media clout up.


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Maroney originally went viral after a photo of her quizzical expression during the 2012 Summer Olympics became a meme online. She then blew up on Instagram when she shared a racy thong video on the platform (which has since been taken down).

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The former gymnast's now been steaming it up with tons of stunning photos of herself. She doesn't post daily, but often enough to keep her fans happy. And most times it's with a glamorous selfie.

Whether its a photo from a boat outing, a post-tennis shot or a sunny poolside bikini picture, Maroney shares it all with her fan-base. In fact, only three posts since August are not of herself in some way.

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Due to her athletic origins, Maroney has gotten a lot of heat online for her turn as an Instagram favorite. Many old fans and gymnasts say she's setting a bad example for younger athletes, but she and her social media following aren't having it.

"She nor the internet doesn't care about what you think is right and wrong," one fan wrote on one of Maroney's latest posts. "She got her gold, got famous, made a bunch of money, now she's doing what she wants. Literally nobody gives a f--- if younger gymnasts feel negatively about it or not."

Maroney has shared similar sentiments as the commenters' in the past, especially in the wake of that thong video.

"Hey, I'm just doing me. If u want me to be a role model so bad, get inspired by how I give 0 f---s and go do u," she tweeted.


See more of Maroney's selfies below.

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