Matthew Faber, 'Natural Born Killers' and 'Welcome to the Dollhouse' Actor, Dead at 47

Matthew Faber, an actor from several cult classic movies of the '90s including Natural Born [...]

Matthew Faber, an actor from several cult classic movies of the '90s including Natural Born Killers and Welcome to the Dollhouse, has died at 47. The actor was found dead inside his Van Nuys, California apartment, reportedly from natural causes.

Faber was discovered after his family had not heard from the actor in several days. The family requested Faber's landlord open his unit, leading to the discovery of his body. Faber's brother Mark spoke to TMZ about the discovery and his passing, adding a touching tribute in the process.

"A beautiful man. Incredibly talented. Wise beyond his years, quick-witted. Abundantly aware," Faber's brother told the outlet. "He could really pay attention more than most. He had such incredible focus and ability to sustain concentration -- brilliant man, very aware, very smart."

Faber is likely best known for his roles in the Todd Solondz films Welcome to the Dollhouse and Palindromes. Faber played Mark Weiner in the films that followed middle schooler Dawn Weiner in her quest to "earn the respect of her vicious fellow students and her disinterested family" according to a plot summary.

He returns in the sequel film Palindromes in the same role, continuing the twisted coming of age tale and following a new protagonist. Faber earned a Film Independent Spirit Awards nomination in 1997 for his role in the initial film.

Faber also appeared in Ang Lee's Ride with the Devil, Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers, and Hard Luck from actor/director Mario Van Peebles. He also had several television appearances, including appearances on Law & Order and spin-off Law & Order: SVU.

He had not acted since appearing in the 2013 film The Devil You Know, alongside Rosamund Pike and Jennifer Lawrence.

Despite his death, there is no indication that the actor passed as a result of anything coronavirus-related.