Katie Couric on Matt Lauer Scandal: 'I Will Say Something When I'm Ready'

Former Today host Katie Couric says that she will "say something when I'm ready" regarding the accusations that led to Matt Lauer's termination.

"It's incredibly upsetting and I will say something when I'm ready to. Thanks for your interest," Couric wrote in the comments section of one of her Instagram posts.

Miss these days. Carrie, phone home. (Or at least text me...😏) #cantsleep #insomniac #missmygirls #missmolner

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On Nov. 7, the 60-year-old who once worked beside Lauer on Today, posted a throwback picture of herself and her daughter, captioning it "Miss these days. Carrie phone home. (Or at least text me…)"

While the image had no relation to news that broke weeks ago alleging that Lauer had been terminated after a staffer came forward to report that he had sexually assaulted her, one commenter criticized the newscaster for remaining quiet on the issue.

"Nothing to say on Matt?? Huh- y'all would have been all over the story years ago. watched y'all for YEARS. My childhood," the fan wrote embedding hashtags into their comment with the keywords, "disgusting," "double life," "hypocrite" and "sickening."

"Just goes to show you really can't trust people. He interviewed people on their moral character and had none himself. I want time back I spent watching!!!!! And you have nothing to say. Crickets. People hear you loud and clear though," they concluded

"I'm annoyed, hurt, disappointed. No accountability. Nothing. Hours and Hours and Hours and believing that he is a good person is well heartbreaking. And deceiving. At the end of the day this viewer feels very deceived," the same fan wrote in a separate comment.


Couric has remained silent since Lauer's termination. In the days that followed the announcement on NBC, more women came forward to accuse the disgraced Today host of similar sexual misconduct.