Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Stay Bundled up Despite 90-Degree Weather

Thanks to a heat wave that struck much of the country last week, New York City was dominated by some extreme weather — temps suddenly jumped from a cool 50-something all the way up to a very stifling 90 degrees.

But if you caught a glimpse of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen stepping out in all their fashionable glam, you'd have no idea.

The dynamic twins seemed to put style before practicality during the extreme heat as they were spotted outside their offices on Wednesday, waiting for their car to arrive and sporting a whole lot of layers.

Mary-Kate donned a chic look in her black t-shirt, wide leg trousers and a tailored, double-breasted navy blazer.

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But her more autumnal look was nothing compared to Ashley's, who sported a thick jacket, navy maxi skirt and even a matching scarf.

Maybe they're just always cold?! Who can tell, really.


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Photo Credit: Instagram / @lifestylemarykateashley