Martha Stewart Roasts Felicity Huffman's Prison Outfit in One Word

Martha Stewart had a snarky take on Felicity Huffman's prison outfit this week. After years of enduring jokes about her own prison term, Stewart proved that she can dish it out too. On Tuesday, she spoke at the Vanity Fair summit in Los Angeles, saying that Huffman looks "schlumpy." Stewart gave a public talk with David Zaslav and moderator Brian Stelter on Tuesday, at the the Vanity Fair summit in L.A., according to a report by Page Six. The 78-year-old was asked about the recently released photos of Huffman in her green prison jumpsuit. Stewart did not go easy on Huffman.

"She should style her outfit a little bit more. She looked pretty schlumpy," she said.

After giving the crowd a deadpan stare, Stewart took a more serious tone, saying that she actually believes Huffman deserves her time behind bars.

"She made a horrible mistake, and she’s experiencing what happens," she said simply.

Stewart would know, as she herself spent five months in prison back in 2004. At the time, Stewart was convicted of lying to federal investigators about securities violations. She has since become a bit of a meme, with people often joking about the homemaker's days in prison.

Huffman is in a similar position these days, though her sentence is not nearly as long. The Desperate Housewives star was ordered to serve two weeks behind bars. Already, that term has been reduced to 13 days, and many fans think it is a disgrace to the justice system.

Huffman pleaded guilty to bribing an SAT proctor to raise her daughter's score. She worked with an "expert" on college admissions, who helped funnel her $15,000 to the test proctor to fudge the score, giving Huffman's daughter Sophia a better chance at getting into school without her even knowing it.


Huffman struck a plea deal early and entered her guilty plea in May. She was sentence to two weeks in prison, which began last week. She is also expected to spend a year on supervised release, and perform 250 hours of community service. Finally, she paid $30,000 in fines for the crime — double the bribe that got her into trouble in the first place.

Huffman's family was seen visiting her last week. The low-security prison she is in is jokingly referred to as "club fed" by locals, who feel it is more like a country club than a detention center. Huffman was photographed wandering the grounds freely, without a guard or escort. She was visited by her husband, William H. Macy, and her elder daughter Sophia, but not not her 17-year-old, Georgia.