Felicity Huffman Spotted in Green Jumpsuit in First Photos From Jail

Photos of Felicity Huffman in her prison jumpsuit have leaked as she serves her time for the college admission bribery scandal. Huffman pleaded guilty to paying a bribe to an SAT proctor through a fixer, earning her two weeks in prison. Now, fans are seeing for themselves how she looks in her jumpsuit.

Huffman began her stay in the Federal Correctional Institute in Dublin, California on Tuesday. The prison has a large outdoor yard where prisoners are allowed to roam freely for most of the day. In photos published by the Daily Mail, passers by caught a glimpse of Huffman out and about.

Huffman wore a dark green jumpsuit in the photos, with a matching t-shirt underneath. She had her hair tucked up into a white baseball cap, a black wristwatch on, and her glasses perched on her nose. Her shoes were chunky Under Armor brand sneakers, perfect for staying active with the other inmates.

Huffman was reportedly enjoying a visit from her family when the photos were taken. Some show her husband, William H. Macy and her daughters, 19-year-old Sophia and 17-year-old Georgia accompanying her on her walk. The family did not have a guard escort, as the low-security prison gives inmates quite a bit of freedom outside.

Huffman's short sentence has already been reduced from 14 days to 13 days, meaning she will be released on Sunday, Oct. 27. From there, she will begin a year on supervised release, and she is expected to perform 250 hours of community service. Huffman was also ordered to pay a fine of $30,000 — double the bribe she paid to get her daughter into school.

In the meantime, fans are fixated on the conditions within FCI Dublin, or "club fed," as it is reportedly known to locals. The low-security all-women prison holds just over 1,200 inmates, who are kept in "housing units" rather than cells. They are expected to adhere to a strict schedule, but within that they are given freedoms that other prisoners are rarely afforded.

Huffman is reportedly allowed to wander the grounds freely between 6:30 a.m. and 8:30 p.m., according to the inmates' handbook. There, she has access to everything from track and field activities to basketball, volleyball, softball and tennis with other inmates.


Inside, Huffman is allowed to spend her time on craft projects within her housing unit. She can choose from activities like drawing, crochet, origami, scrap-booking, watercolor and cross-stitch. She can also listen to music on pre-approved devices within the prison.

Check back for updates on Huffman's controversial prison stay.