Mark Wahlberg and Dr. Oz Are Having a Friendly Back-and-Forth on Social Media Over Proposed Breakfast Ban

Mark Wahlberg and Dr. Oz are going at it in a friendly back-and-forth smack talk over one-legged push-ups, defibrillators and doing away with breakfast! It all started when Dr. Oz proposed the idea to his viewers that people should do away with breakfast all together. The idea behind it all starts with intermittent fasting. The longtime cardiologist says if people go to bed without a full belly by stopping eating roughly three hours before going to bed, they'll not only sleep better but it prepares your body for the next morning saying that people won't wake up hungry. Then, to keep it going, don't eat breakfast, instead wait three to four hours after a person wakes up before eating. The idea is to fast for 12 to 16 hours before consuming food which will lead to several health benefits.

However, Wahlberg kindly disagrees.

The two have been going back-and-forth in a series of videos as they continue to challenge each other and smack talk a little. It started when the actor posted a video of himself with his friend Dr. Christopher Vincent in a gym as Wahlberg said, "Listen, we got beef now" as he proceeded to explain to Dr. Oz that Dr. Vincent already has him covered when it comes to health. He stated that Dr. Vincent has already informed him of ketones, the power of bone broth and three-day fasting. Then he dared to say, "If you wanna challenge me, I'll come hungover, eat a big steak, and you can do your little 20 push-ups with one leg, your assisted pull-up, I'm telling you you'll need a defibrillator when I'm done with you."

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Food for thought @dr_oz

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That's when Dr. Oz. hilariously bounced back with jokes of his own, using an actual defibrillator saying the actor has probably only used one on the big screen, while Dr. Oz himself uses them in real life. He claimed he keeps hearing the Ted 2 actor talk about working out, but still hasn't seen him do it in person. Then he proceeded to demonstrate how a defibrillator works claiming he'll have to use it on Wahlberg since he chooses to eat breakfast before a workout because he'll be passed from a full stomach.

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The doc is in, @markwahlberg.

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Wahlberg actually commented on Dr. Oz's post with a laughing face emoji, before posting another video of himself as a response showing off his abs. He said he was about to head into a workout and to get the defibrillator ready because now they really have beef. He ended the video with, "It's about to go down." Dr. Oz left a comment that said, "I still don't see any working out here, buddy."

Let the challenge continue!