Watch: Mark Wahlberg Talks Crashing Daughter's Date

Mark Wahlberg got a bit of a surprise when he crashed his daughter's date. The actor opened up on The Graham Norton Show last week about the challenges of having a teenager daughter who's reached the dating phase, E! News reports.

Wahlberg explained that when he decided to check out his daughter's boyfriend, he was completely caught off guard.

"The kid — she had one that was not a nice boy and it was innocent enough — but I was like, 'I wanna meet this kid,'" Wahlberg told Norton. "I wanna meet him and then you can hang out with him in a safe environment and she was like, 'What's a safe environment, dad?'"

Wahlberg jokingly noted that his daughter had a little bit of an attitude about it, which continued on the date. However, the real surprise took place when his daughter's date arrived.

"So all of a sudden this kid comes over and he one-ups me ... he brings his mom! The genius thing is he was so sweet and [my daughter] is like steamrolling me all the time and he's seeing it," Wahlberg said. "Like she's being rude to me and she's being mean to me and like, if you're not nice to him, he may not wanna be around you."

The encounter left Wahlberg feeling more comfortable with his daughter dating the boy.

"This dude is a keeper, he's really nice," he admitted. Now Wahlberg's only concern is his daughter.

"I'm like, okay, the perfect scenario is to find one boy that she's with forever but I don't know she can hold him down!," he joked.

Photo Credit: Ian West - PA Images