Mario Lopez Complains About His Cell Phone After Rumors Circulate He Was Assaulted

Mario Lopez is clearing up the reports about a possible assault that happened last week in Las Vegas.

Reports surfaced claiming that the Extra host was allegedly assaulted while leaving his hotel spa this past Friday. Lopez detailed the incident during his radio show, ON with Mario Lopez, on Monday.

“So over the weekend in Vegas, I found myself [on] TMZ and Perez Hilton — must have been a slow news day,” the 43-year-old said.

“Well, let me clear it up. I wasn’t assaulted — my phone was assaulted,” he continued. “By the way, I would rather have been personally assaulted than my phone. It wouldn’t have been as inconvenient! My gosh, I had to go to Caesar’s Palace and get a new phone. It wasn’t backed up on iCloud — the whole thing is a nightmare dealing with it, in that sense.”

The Saved by the Bell alum then chronicled the sequence of events that led to his phone being damaged.

“Basically, I’m coming out of a spa — it sounds like I was coming out of a getting a massage. No, I was in the gym,” Lopez said. “To be technical, I was coming out of the restroom. I was exiting the place, and this guy sort of bumped into me. It was a total whatever, a little accident. I said ‘Excuse me,’ tried to go about my way, and then he proceeded to get really angry and got in my face, and I was kind of laughing about it — like, ‘Are you serious?'”

“He started to get hostile,” Lopez continued. “One of the employees stepped in between us to kind of calm him down. I dropped my phone. At that point I just said, ‘Let me get my phone and get out of here.’ He heard that, picked it up and threw it against the wall as hard as he could. It smashed. Now I’m really upset, but I managed to contain myself. I showed restraint.”

The man then "started shoving the other employees."

“Three people filed assault charges,” Lopez said. “They asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said, ‘No, I don’t want to deal with anything like that.’ And I just went about my business not thinking anything of it … then I wake up, and there’s all kinds of articles about me. But I did not get assaulted, people. My phone did, and it was not that big of a deal.”



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