Macaulay Culkin Wants Your 'Gritty Richie Rich' Pitches

Macaulay Culkin recently took to Twitter to tell his followers that he wants their "gritty Richie Rich" pitches sent to him. The former child star made the joke after the Archie Comics page tweeted out that they have been getting the pitches sent to them, and they don't even own the rights to the character. Culkin retweeted the post, and added that fans should send him the gritty pitches instead, even though he has no intention of reading them.

Richie Rich is actually a Harvey Comics character, who first debuted in the earl 1950s.

Culkin later played the character in a live-action film adaptation that is still beloved by fans today.

After Culkin's hilarious tweet, many of his followers began to offer their takes, with one saying, "Now I want all gritty Richie Rich movie starting adult Macaulay Culkin as a billionaire that gets revenge."

"Richie Rich vs. Bruce Wayne vs. Scrooge McDuck," another person offered as a possible face-off story.

"Richie becomes president and makes enemies within his government by not killing for oil across the seas cos he believes money is earned through the power of love and peace... and at the end, it turns out he was right all along, after John Wick-ing his way out of the senate trap," someone else pitched.

"Okay, so how about this.. Richard Rich is now a hedge fund manager with an island who hosts parties with the wealthiest and most powerful all wearing masks... Then they solve a crime or save an orphanage or some s—," one other user quipped.

"Hear me out. Richie Rich is down on his luck and catches a big foot in a makeshift tiger pit. He treks to a university, dressing the Bigfoot up in various dresses, wigs and hats to disguise him along the way, culminating in a strange but worthwhile new relationship," one final fan suggested.