Mac Miller's Sudden Death Leaves Social Media in Shock

Social media was left in shock by news of the sudden death of rapper Mac Miller, who reportedly died Friday at the age of 26 of an apparent overdose.

In a report by TMZ, the rapper was found Friday around noon at his home in the San Fernando Valley and was pronounced dead at the scene.

"This is sad as f—... rip," one person tweeted alongside the hashtag #macmiller.

"If I see one person blame Ariana Grande for the death of [Mac Miller] just as they did when he wrecked his car after they split, I swear. Stop it. RIP," another user wrote, anticipating backlash against the rapper's ex-girlfriend.

The rapper had quite a few issues stemming from substance abuse since his breakup with Grande earlier this year.

Miller crashed his car in the San Fernando Valley around 1 a.m. shortly after news of the breakup was first announced. At the time, he and two other passengers fled the scene and he was arrested.

Miller was later charged with driving under the influence and driving with a BAC of over .08. He was not charged hit and run and was supposed to be arraigned on Sept. 11.

"r.i.p [Mac Miller] such a loss for such a young talented musician, you will be missed," one Twitter user wrote.

"Dang R.I.P.... I was just getting to learn more about you. So young," another user wrote with a sad faced emoji.

Miller released what will now be his last album, Swimming, on Aug. 3. His breakup with Grande reportedly played a big role in inspiring the album, while also exploring themes that he had brought up during his 2016 smash album, The Divine Feminine.

Miller and Grande began dating in 2016, three years after they first collaborated in Grande's hit single "The Way." They were last spotted together at Coachella in April, when Grande posted a photo of the couple hugging and Miller kissed her on the cheek.

Following news of Miller's crash, Grande tweeted, "pls take care of yourself," which many took as a message to her ex.

"RIP Mac miller....... It's a crazy world... say no to abuse to drugs..." another Twitter user wrote.


"Was literally just watching you last night making a beat. Your music inspired me in more ways than you'll know," another user wrote.

TMZ reports that Miller's substance abuse issues had been a deal breaker in his relationship with Grande. The rapper had been discussing his issues openly ever since his 2014 mixtape titled "Faces."