Logan Paul's Most Controversial YouTube Moments

YouTube star Logan Paul has found himself at the center of a pretty big controversy over one of his latest videos, but this really isn't a first for him.

As has been publicly reported, the Ohio-born prankster came under fire for a video in which he showed the body of a man who had presumably died from a self-inflicted hanging.

Overwhelmingly, people have come out to criticize Paul for being insensitive and cruel in his posting of the video. He subsequently took it down, and issued a statement about this situation.

In his apology, Paul said that facing "criticism like this" was a "first" for him, which it may be, but he's been posting YouTube videos with some level of controversy for a while now.

Back in September of 2017 Paul posted a video titled, "I GOT ARRESTED BY ITALIAN POLICE! **NOT CLICKBAIT**," which featured him facing off with law enforcement after flying his drone in an area that it is illegal to fly drones in.

At the start of the video, Logan can be heard talking to someone who is Possibly a police or security officer, and they say, "The flying of the drone in this area is illegal. We must arrest you for this."

Ultimately, Paul got off, but it's not clear if he had to pay any sort of fine, or even if he got his drone back.

Another controversial video of Paul's is his "No Handlebars" track, which is a remix of the Flobots song titled "Handlebars" where he rewrites the original lyrics to say, "I can ride your girl with no handlebars ... no handlebars, no handlebars."

Jamie Laurie, an MC from Flobots, responded to the track by rhetorically asking, "...this is the message you're bringing in the middle of the #MeToo moment? Obviously we have to respond to that." Laurie went on to call Paul the face of the face of "douchebag entitlement," and slammed the remix as "rampant misogyny and tone deaf douchebaggery."

Paul responded by firing back by pretending he didn't know who the Flobots were and added, "It was never meant to be misogynistic."

Before his newest controversy, however, his most controversial video to date might have been the one titled "The truth... (Banks VS. Brother Jake)" where he sat down with his brother Jake to talk about the abuse allegations against Jake.


In a subsequent video he mentioned that it caused him to lose subscribers to his YouTube channel.

With well over 400 videos on his channel, it's not entirely implausible that more past controversial videos could eventually emerge.