Lizzo's Lakers Outfit Draws Hot Take From Comedian Lil Duval

Lizzo's outfit during the Los Angeles Lakers-Minnesota Timberwolves has made its way all across the Internet and social media.

During the game on Sunday, Lizzo, who was sitting courtside, was seen on the jumbotron and broke out into a twerk that featured a barely-covered backside. The scene has led to a wide array of discussion, with some supporting the NSFW look and others feeling it was inappropriate.

Then there's Lil Duval, who has quite a hot take.

The controversial take has created a heated discussion in his responses.

"I don't think people have an issue with her being big," one user wrote. "I think the issue now is, she is trying too hard. She wasn't forever naked when she first came out. Now it's like hey! look at my a—. Girl, we get it, you comfortable in your own skin. Now drop something else."

Another responded, "No one is hating, we just want to know 'WHY' that outfit of choice for a NBA game?! Why would you want your cheeks to touch a community seat?!"

Since the incident, Lizzo has yet to publicly speak about the wardrobe and its response. That being said, on Monday she did share a video where she took a minute to speak about all the blessings in her life.

She seems to be unfazed, as always, by the criticism.


"I want you to know that whatever you’re going through, if it doesn’t feel good, that you will feel good again and you have… you have whatever it takes to feel good again," Lizzo told her fans. "You are capable of it. You deserve to feel good as hell."

It's been a whirlwind year for the musician. After working for years to get her break, she finally found herself reaching stardom when "Truth Hurts" rose to the top of the charts. She shined a light on all her success when she recently shared her Spotify year in review totals.