Lizzo Just Bought a Flashy Diamond-Filled Grill From Paul Wall

After being grilled on social media over her skin-baring Lakers outfit, Lizzo celebrated in a very fitting way: buying her very first grill to brighten her smile. On Saturday, the "Good As Hell" singer revealed that she was feeling just that after she made the purchase from Paul Wall, the co-owner of Johnny Dang & Co. who created custom grills for celebrity A-listers, including Beyoncé, Kanye West, Katy Perry, Diddy, Lil Wayne, and Travis Scott.

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"Y'all I got my first grill and I can't shet tf up about it," the musician captioned a gallery of images and videos of herself flashing the piece. "Thank you [Paul Wall] [Johnny Dang & Co.] for makin this h-town girls dreams come true (S.W.A.T SOUFWESSSS"

Lizzo also shared the news to Twitter, where she shared an additional photo of herself admiring the new look in her pone.

The diamond-encrusted grill wowed the singer's millions of followers, who flocked to the comments section.

"They usually look so tacky but this is...a look??" one fan wrote.

A second person commented, "the NICEST grill ive ever seen in my damn life."

Added another, "Well that's the cutest grill that I ever did see."

The "Truth Hurts" rapper had first teased that she'd be getting the flashy new piece back in early October when she met up with Wall in Houston, Texas ahead of her performance at both Alief Elsik High School and the University of Houston, teasing "that's gonna be me real soon" when Wall flashed his own grill.

"You not in Houston, you not in Houston, unless you're with the mother f–ing champ, boy," she said on her Instagram Story at the time before Wall popped into the frame flashing his own grill, according to the Houston Chronicle.

"Yeah that's gonna be me soon," she added as she flashed her own bare teeth.

"Comin' soon," Wall said.


"To a tooth near you," Lizzo joked.

Of course, the grill is well-deserved. Over the past year, Lizzo has skyrocketed to fame, and along with eight recent Grammy nominations, she was just named both Time and Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year. Meanwhile, she has also seen a nice bump to her net worth, which jumped from $3 million to a comfy $10 million.