Lisa Lampanelli Goes Nuclear on Fan Who Hands Her $100 to Shut Up

Lisa Lampanelli shocked fans in San Jose over the weekend when she got into a cursing match with a heckler at one of her shows.

Lampanelli was performing at the San Jose City National Civic Center on Sunday. She had to stop her show about half an hour in, according to a report by TMZ, to deal with a persistent heckler in the crowd.

In the video, Lampanelli gets down into the crowd and curses the man out at the top of her lungs, despite holding a microphone. In response, the man offered her $100 to "shut the f— up," and that is when she really lost it.

"If you're not shutting the f-- up, then you're getting the f— out of here," she informed the man, in a video apparently taken by another audience member. "Get the f— out, if you're gonna f-—ing talk s— to me at my own show, motherf—er."

Lampanelli was in such a righteous fury, she even offered to reimburse the man for his ticket, feeling that it was worth it to get him out of the theater.

"I will f—ing give you personally your money back, cause I have no need to f—ing work for people," she said. "You wanna get the f— out."

After sitting and taking Lampanelli's anger at point-blank range for a time, the man stood and pulled out his wallet. He apparently asked the comedian how much her show cost, Which Lampanelli did not answer.

"I'll give you a hundred bucks to shut the f— up," the man said. This set the comedian off.

"Give me that. I'll f—ing tear it up you idiot," she cried, throwing the bill in his face. "Now get the f— out of here."

From there, Lampanelli raged at everyone, including the person working the lighting booth.

"Okay first of all, lighting, did I f—ing tell to leave those f—ing lights up. I said it and I f—ing mean it you f—ing moron."

As the crowd became restless, Lampanelli took aim at them as well. "Anyone who thinks I need any f—ing help needs to shut the f— up. Every one of you, I am talking to this guy" — she indicated one member of the crowd, which she was still standing in the middle of — "I didn't need your help with any of my life, I don't need it now. So shut the f— up, and let me have a conversation."

"We love you!" yelled someone on the balcony.


"I was just saying to be quiet, Stevie Nicks' retarded f—ing cousin," Lampanelli said, pointing a finger at them.

Lampanelli reportedly left the stage about half an hour into a show that was intended to be more than an hour long. The comedian has yet to address her night of outbursts.