Watch: Video of Lil Wayne Onstage Days Before His Seizures

Lil Wayne gave fans quite a scare over the weekend, as the rapper was rushed to the hospital following multiple seizures. The trip forced Wayne to cancel his Las Vegas concert, but it looks as though his tour was going well up until the emergency.

The video above was taken during Lil Wayne's show in St. Petersburg, FL earlier this weekend. As you can see, the rapper had no trouble on stage, and showed no signs of any health issues.

Just a day or two later, Wayne was found unconscious in his hotel room and was rushed to Northwestern Memorial in Chicago.

As many of his fans know, Lil Wayne has struggled with epilepsy for a number of years.

Fortunately, Lil Wayne was released from the hospital shortly after the situation. As of Monday, he was out of the hospital and resting.


Back in 2013, Wayne admitted that he was "prone to seizures" and that they could strike him at any moment, without any warnings.