'Real Housewives of Dallas' Cast Member LeeAnne Locken is Engaged

Real Housewives of Dallas cast member LeeAnne Locken is engaged, with her longtime boyfriend Rich Emberlin popping the question on Monday's episode of the Bravo reality show.

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The couple had been dating for eight years when Emberlin surprised Locken with a ring at the Texas State Fair in Dallas last October.

"It was the happiest carnival prize ever," Locken told People. "I had no clue. Honestly, Rich surprises me every single time that he does something over-the-top, romantic and kind. I'm always like, 'Wow your heart has such a huge capacity for love.' The whole thing really just blew me away. I'm incredibly lucky."

Locken worked on the carnival circuit from age 3 until age 16 and knew she always wanted to get engaged at the fair.

"I had always said I really want to get engaged at the fair because I feel like there's part of me that's still at the carnival — that nobody wants, that's literally just waiting at the midway for someone to come and say, 'You're worthy. I love you. You're wanted. You can leave now,' " she explained. "So when he did it here, it was the completion."

Locken, who has never been married, added that she's more focused on planning a marriage than a wedding. Emberlin has been married three times before.

"We would rather focus on having a really great relationship," the 50-year-old explained. "I'm not 12. I don't need the big fluffy white dress and him riding in on a horse and all that. To me the institution is so much more important than the showmanship. I totally believe in the sanctity of it."

"We live together. We have our routines — he takes out the trash, I fill it," she continued. "The actual wedding isn't going to change much except to solidify to everyone else that this isn't going anywhere," she added.

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