'Law & Order: SVU' Star Ice-T Eats Bagel, Drinks Coffee for First Time

Law and Order: SVU star Ice-T has eaten a bagel, and drank some coffee for the first time ever, [...]

Law and Order: SVU star Ice-T has eaten a bagel, and drank some coffee for the first time ever, after stirring up social media earlier this month by admitting that he hadn't tried either.

Now, the rapper-turned-actor has appeared in a video for the online dating service Coffee Meets Bagel, in which he finally tries both.

"The internet wanted to see this, and I'm willing to do it," he says in the clip. "They wanted to see me drink some coffee and have a bagel … first time in my life."

After taking a drink of coffee, Ice says, "It's not what I expected. It tastes like water with another taste kicked in later."

"This is my first time, and I can pretty much tell you this will be the last time I'll ever drink black coffee," he then joked. Ice tried the bagel next, referring to it as an "unsweetened" doughnut and saying that "It's not bad."

"That one bite, I feel like I just ate a loaf of bread. People eat this whole thing?" he quipped afterwards.

Ice also tried a bagel with cream cheese and lox (cured salmon), which was something a friend recommended.

"One of my Jewish homeboys told me this is the super classic New York Jewish situation," he said, saying of the delicacy, "You gotta have some strong jaws, the teeth better be in check. You got any caps on your teeth, that's all gone."

The whole bagel and coffee controversy with Ice-T began on Nov. 9 when he tweeted, "I've never eaten a Bagel in my life..."

Most people were very surprised to hear Ice-T admit to never eating a bagel, with one person asking, "You've been playing an NYPD cop for 18yrs and never had a bagel?"

Even the Philadelphia cream cheese brand jump into the conversation, offering to send the actor some bagels with their popular spread.

Ice eventually made things worse by joking that his followers need to relax because he also had never tried coffee.

"White people.. Don't lose your Fn minds because I've never eaten a Bagle..[sic] Take it easy…. lol," he tweeted, adding, "I've never drank a cup of Coffee either… Go CRAZY!!!"

Fans can see Ice-T regularly in SVU, which airs on Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on NBC.